For pre-polishing are used that are made of sisal. In Central and South America, sisal fibres are obtained from the sisal agave. Sisal is a very robust natural fibre.



Our polishing wheels and disks are manufactured of cotton cloth that is produced for this very purpose and is highly abrasive-proof. Stability of the cotton cloth essentially depends on:

- Number of warp and weft
- Yarn hardness
- Impregnation (as far as necessary)


The following cloth qualities are available

Qual. 100 = medium hard standard cloth; for polishing and glazing
Qual. 200 = medium to hard cloth for polishing, non-corrosive, non-ferrous metal and steel
Qual. 300 = soft, on both sides roughened untreated cotton for highgloss polishing and glazing of metal, polyester, wood, lacquer
Qual. 400 = hard pre-polishing cloth, highly abrasive
Qual. 500 = very soft; softest cloth quality for plastics and lacquer
Qual. 600 = dense cloth with, highly aggressive, medium hard
Qual. 700 = very hard pre-polishing cloth, highly abrasive
Qual. 800 = yellow, finished, highly abrasive special cloth

Special cloth qualities for fully-circular and flap polishing wheels

Qual. Inlet = coloured, dense, fine cloth for highgloss polishing
Qual. Coloured calico = soft-medium polishing quality coloured
Qual. Shirting = medium hard polishing quality coloured or white
Qual. Misprint = low-price quality for pre-polishing Qual. Pink drill = strong, hard polishing quality