051 XP und 051XYP

Ceramic grain polyester, coated

Carrier materialHeavy and strong X-polyester fabric
BindingFully synthetic resin with special coating
Grain kindCeramic and corundum
Grain sizeXP-fabric: 120, 80, 60, 24
XYP-fabric: 40, 36
Production width1.480 mm/1.650 mm
Fields of applicationFor applications being performed with high contact pressure, where there is required high abrasion on plane surfaces, such as:
• Abrasion of oxide coatings from non-corrosive semi-finished products for the production of implants.
• Removal of flashes and surfaces created during forging.
• Removal of extending welding seams (sinks, container construction).
Advantages• Strong and tear-proof basis.
• Good fixing of the grain. The special coating reduces heat build-up on the belt and the workpiece.
• High hardness and toughness.
Micro fracture behaviour supports new cutting edges=self-sharpening effect.
• Designed for highest stress.
• Extraordinary durability.
• Extraordinary tool life.
Improved surface quality = low surface roughness.

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