542 JFF

Corundum body (very flat, soft)

Carrier materialLight, very flexible J-cotton fabric
BindingFully synthetic resin
Grain kindCorundum
SpreadingSlightly open
Grain sizeP 600 - P 400, P 320 - P 60
Production width1.400 mm
FittingsBelts, uncut lengths
Fields of applicationSuitable for applications on soft contact wheels for general wood and metal grinding, when tight radii or strongly profiled fittings need to be worked on – especially for materials that tend to “lubricating” effects, such as
armatures, surgical instruments and fittings.
Advantages• High adaptability.
• Good fitting of the grain.
• High cutting effect.
• Most suitable for the grinding of profiles and curvature.
• Extraordinary durability.
• Extraordinary tool life.
MaterialsMetal, wood, parquet flooring, floors

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