052 JFF

Ceramic grain body, coated (extremely flexible, soft)

Carrier materialLight fabric, extremely flexible J-cotton fabric
BindingFully synthetic resin with special coating
Grain kindCeramic and corundum
SpreadingSlightly open
Grain size150 - 80
Production width1.400 mm
Fields of applicationFor applications performed with relatively high contact pressure where main focus is on flexibility. Especially for tight radii with less than 5 mm or edges and recesses.
• Surgical instruments and joint implants.
• Knife edges.
• Sharp-edge grinding with V-shaped contact rollers.
• Contour grinding with correspondingly profiled contact rollers.
Advantages• High adaptability.
• Good fitting of the grain. The special coating reduces heat build-up on the belt and the workpiece.
• High hardness and toughness. Micro fracture behaviour supports new cutting edges=self-sharpening effect.
• Most suitable for the grinding of profiles and curvature.
• Extraordinary durability.
• Extraordinary tool life.
Improved surface quality = low surface roughness.

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