Economic chipping and long tool life due to tough corundum abrasive grain. The medium flexible X-cotton basis allows slightly formed workpieces to be worked on optimally. During surface grinding the smooth X-cotton basis produces quite an even grinding pattern. The medium flexible basis as well as the corundum grain used make 641X an abrasive for numerous applications.

Carrier materialHeavy X-cotton fabric
Flexibility6= medium
Grain kindCorundum
Production width1650 mm
FormularBelts, uncut lengths, rolls
Suitable for kind of grindingManual, machine grinding
Grain sizeP 40, P 60, P 80, P 100, P 120, P 150, P 180, P 220, P 240, P 320, P 400
MaterialsAluminium, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, steel
Major applicationsAluminium cast parts, welding seams, sheet metals

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